Understanding translation courses

Time and again, clients translate with translation courses. The fact that there is no formal method for translating quotes means that quotes can be interpreted in many different ways. A customer might think that they are choosing the cheapest offer, while it may actually be the opposite.
The following article describes some of the headaches and remedies for dealing with the listing process. A person looking for translation services will typically compare and receive at least three offers. First, the customer's needs must be taken into account.
Is the customer only looking for a single language that can be translated without additional translation services such as software localization, desktop publishing or software localization? In this case, it is often recommended to go directly to the translator and avoid the intermediary, the translation service provider, as they obviously take a percentage of the translation, which in some cases can make up to 50% of the translation quote. This is justified by the extra value they add to a translation company london.
Does the customer need more translated languages? In this case, the client may have the internal resources and knowledge to handle a multilingual translation project, but this is usually not the case, as many projects tend to be unique or many of the multilingual projects. They require many specific translation skills and experience that are only available in a translation services business. For example, the use of translation memories, the availability of a large database of specialized translators, desktop publishing specialists, or software location engineers. For many companies, this experience and resources would be a significant investment and not worth it in the long run, so they tend to outsource their translation needs.
On the positive side, many translation tasks are highly measurable, such as word counts to measure the cost of translation, page counts to measure the cost of desktop publishing, string counts to measure the cost of localization software. Although all of these tasks in the translation process are highly measurable translation courses, they may differ to the extent that clients may even wonder if they are looking for an offer on the same project.
Here are some tips to keep in mind when requesting a translation bid:
With regard to the cost of translation, some translation service companies may charge:
· Word count, which is usually the most reliable.
· Number of characters, which may be especially true of Asian languages.
· Page count, which may not be reliable, as there are often large variations in the number of words per page. Page
Word count and translation rate can also vary greatly due to the following factors:
Some translation companies use translation memory technology. This technology can greatly reduce word count, even with new translations, as there may be many repetitions in a file. For example, in the case of software, many of the strings in the user interface are repeated throughout the software. Many companies will offer a discount on these repeated strings or offer the repeated terms with a reduced number of words. One thing to keep in mind, however, is that the cost of translation memory technology is factored into the cost of the translation. Initially, the prices may be a little more expensive, but once translations are in progress and translation memories from previous works accumulate, the benefits of having reduced words and more consistent translations are evident. Paying a little more will increase quality and eventually reduce costs as long as translation memories are properly managed. The above gives an idea why some prices and word counts may vary from one translation bid to another.
Does the price of the translation include revision? Some translation service companies factor the cost of proofreading into their translation speed, making them more expensive. This has an obvious advantage in that translators are human, and a third eye for proofreading improves quality.
To summarize the use of translation memory technology and auditing, the quality is vastly improved, and we get an idea of ​​why translation rates can vary so much between translation services companies. Also, remember that a customer can focus more on cost than quality.
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